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How IZU IO protects your website and reputation

AT IZU IO we ONLY offer fully managed wordpress hosting.   There are many very capable platforms for hosting your website, but we like wordpress and we are experts in wordpress, site implementation and maintenance. As we know the risks of allowing a site to get out of date, we ONLY develop for platforms we have…

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What happens if my site is hacked ?

As explained in Software Updates we keep one step ahead of most hackers by keeping the software up to date.  ..but what happens if I get hacked ? Unless you are keeping sensitive customer information on your website, which we usually recommend against, unless it is heavily encrypted, the things which follow a website hack can…

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Software Updates

Why should I care about updating software ? Have you noticed how in the last few years your smartphone keeps nagging you to install security updates ?  … there is a really good reason for this, let me explain. Possibly the first known hack of a secure system was in 1903 when Nevil Maskelyne disrupted…

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