How IZU IO protects your website and reputation

AT IZU IO we ONLY offer fully managed wordpress hosting.  

There are many very capable platforms for hosting your website, but we like wordpress and we are experts in wordpress, site implementation and maintenance.

As we know the risks of allowing a site to get out of date, we ONLY develop for platforms we have tested and proven to work with our suite of software. 

This is not to say other hosts are in anyway inferior, just simply that we have proven our packages work on this certain levels of PHP, MySQL and wordpress at certain high performance and high reliability sites, for example.

  • wpengine
  • siteground
  • xserver (Japan)
  • and pantheon

We also use various monitoring and backup systems which ensure we know if you site is down, has changed in ways which might indicate a hack and give us the ability to very quickly roll back to a known good version of the site