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Mobility for the next 100 years will be born here

Mobility is about to undergo a major change in its form.
In various conditions, various environments, and various times that were previously inconvenient, movement will become more free.
The new world brought about by the next generation of mobility is comfortable for everyone and does not make you hold back.
It is also not a burden on the earth.

Yes, everything is changing. New concepts and new values are being created at a speed never seen before.

“The Electric Mobility System Professional University is a new university system, a “professional university,” that will provide the next generation with the skills to take on the challenges of the future.
It is a “place of advanced learning” that fosters human resources, “Pioneer in e-Mobility,” and produces them for the mobility industry in Japan and around the world.

Please note that this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.

About the College of Electric Mobility Systems

The Electric Mobility System Professional University is a professional university specializing in education and research of next-generation electric mobility systems.
Based on the four specialized fields of electric vehicle systems represented by electric vehicles: “batteries,” “motors and inverters,” “vehicle bodies,” and “automated driving,” students can systematically learn related knowledge, technologies, and skills, and upon graduation, they can obtain a “bachelor (professional)” university degree. The school is scheduled to open in April 2022 in Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture, surrounded by rich nature that fosters creativity.

Please note that this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.

The Significance of Studying Mobility Systems


With the shift to renewable energy sources, electric vehicle systems are becoming more and more important.
The comprehensive study of “battery,” “drive,” “vehicle body,” and “automatic operation” that make up electric vehicle systems can directly contribute to improving the mobility society and global energy issues that are facing a once-in-a-century period of great change.


In order to protect the global environment and safeguard our future, there is a need to shift to clean energy. You can make it your job to catch up with the needs of society, from the global scale to the local scale, and realize a sustainable society with high ethical standards and environmental awareness.


With automated driving technology, the era of safe and secure transportation for everyone is approaching. Engineers who learn model-based design based on programming, data analysis, and the use of AI, and who have skills in both hardware and software, are in demand in the mobility society.


Cars are connected to each other, cars are connected to society, and free movement without traffic jams is about to be realized. New businesses, services, and ways of working are about to be born as one big social system centered on the car. With knowledge and technology of electric mobility systems, you will be able to play an active role in society and in the world.

Message from the President

Katsumei Kokubu, President, Akamon Gakuin Educational Corporation
Katsumei Kokubu, President of Akamon Gakuin Educational Corporation

Thank you for visiting the website of the College of Electric Mobility Systems Professionals.

With the educational philosophy of “cultivating human resources through a wide range of specialized knowledge and skills in the field of automobiles in an ever-changing world, opening up future possibilities and potential, and fostering individuals who will contribute to society by creating a foundation for daily life,” we have produced more than 13,000 talented individuals through our training of automobile mechanics over the past 60 years.

Today, the world is moving toward electrification and automated driving, and a once-in-a-century revolution is taking place with automobiles at its core. And there is a strong need to train new human resources to support this era of next-generation mobility systems.

In order to respond to the demands of society as quickly as possible, we are currently applying for approval from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to open our school in April 2022.

We will gradually release more detailed information in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, so please pay close attention.

Message from the Candidate for President

Candidate for President Hiroshi Shimizu, Professor Emeritus of Keio University
Candidate for President
Professor Emeritus Hiroshi Shimizu, Keio University

Have you ever seen an electric car called Eliica? I developed it in 2004, around the time you will be taking your exams in 2022. I’ve been involved in the development of 15 electric cars, including this one. I started the development 40 years ago. In 2000, I also started researching automated driving. In 2000, I started researching automated driving because I wanted to eliminate accidents and traffic congestion caused by cars. I have loved cars since I was a child. I think I was very lucky to have a job developing the cars of the future. This is because I believe that happiness in work is a combination of what you like, what is useful for society, and what you actually do as a profession.

The era of new vehicles like electric cars and self-driving cars is coming soon. If you want to solve the problem of global warming with your own hands, if you want to have a dream job in the future, and if you love vehicles, please study at the College of Electric Mobility Systems. If you like vehicles, please study at the College of Electric Mobility Systems and choose a path that allows you to do something you like that is useful to society as your profession. We are ready to satisfy you and make you happy to enter this university.

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