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Software Updates

Why should I care about updating software ?

Have you noticed how in the last few years your smartphone keeps nagging you to install security updates ?  … there is a really good reason for this, let me explain.

Possibly the first known hack of a secure system was in 1903 when Nevil Maskelyne disrupted John Ambrose Fleming’s public demonstration of Marconi’s secure wireless telegraphy by interrupting the demonstration with morse code insults.

Since then the Enigma coding machine was decoded, AT&T’s telephone systems first phreaked by whistling the fourth E above middle C, hacked by a PDP1 and finally their late night billing discounts flipped.

By 1994 russian hackers syphoned $10m from citibank, the US airforce base in Guam penetrated and more recently millions of credit card numbers and credit information lost.

Almost no software is immune to hacking and trojan horses and so keeping updates current is the ONLY way to stay one step ahead of hackers.